Digital advertising, people are sick of it:


believe that Internet advertising is a nuisance.


are using an ad-blocker.


of displayed impressions are not seen.
Sources : CSA / Ipsos IAB / Meetrics
Fortunately, people are spending 1h30 per day on social media.
But only 34% of them follow at least one brand they like on Facebook or Instagram.

Social networks' algorithms penalizes the natural display of content from accounts that have more than 100,000 followers.
Once your community reaches this level, you must pay for your followers to see your content.
It then appears as sponsored, which means advertising.

“Thanks but I get enough of this in my mailbox.”

The solution: go through flesh and blood influencers

Night & day, your customers and prospects follow the lives of people like them on social networks.
How about using these people to relay your message? Activate your campaign in only a couple of minutes !